We build and maintain enduring relationships by working with our clients.

Professional Clients


Other professionals trust us with their own affairs and their clients’. As well as ‘lay’ individual and corporate clients, we act for lawyers, accountants, insurers and other professionals and receive repeat instructions.

Discerning - First Hand Knowledge Of Our Performance

We are engaged by those who were on the other side in a previous matter (contentious or non contentious) and were impressed by how they saw us perform first hand.

Who better to assess the quality of our work and services?

Disaffected With Your Current Lawyers?

Our clients include those who were disaffected with their previous lawyers.

Are you happy with your current lawyers?


Reasonable Fees

City quality at lower rates.

Geographical Coverage

We act for clients all over the UK and, indeed, beyond.

Please feel free to contact us for a preliminary informal chat without obligation.

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