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The delicate nature of the work, including acting for high profile clients, means that it would be inappropriate to identify clients and the many positive things that they have said about Zafar.

Some time ago now, Zafar secured a place to transfer to the Bar but ultimately decided to remain as a solicitor. Here are just a few examples of what has been said by some eminent judges and barristers regarding Zafar's advocacy skills, written work and generally:

    • Stephen Oliver QC, the then Presiding Judge of the Tax Tribunals - [click here];

    • Andrew Park QC, a former High Court Judge and leading barrister - [click here];

    • Robert Rhodes QC, a leading barrister - [click here];

Whilst not by any means comprehensive, for an indication of:

  • reported cases dealt with by Zafar, including appearing as advocate in some of them - [click here];

  • tax issues on which Zafar has advised - [click here].

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