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  • HMRC tax enquiries, tax investigations and tax appeals.

    No need to be concerned if you are not in London. We act for clients (individual or corporate taxpayers and their accountants, tax advisers, lawyers or others) all over the UK and beyond.

    We protect and promote your interests, including in negotiations or mediation to settle and at hearings before tribunals and courts.

    We are experienced, focused, tenacious, commercial, strategic, pragmatic, supportive and responsive advisers and litigators. This all goes a long way towards success and relieving stress and anxiety.

    We know 'the Revenue mind'. Having spent many years working for HMRC Solicitor's Office, we are familiar with HMRC's practices and approach.

    Whilst not by any means comprehensive, for an indication of:

    reported tax cases that we have dealt with, including appearing as advocate in some of them, [click here];

    tax issues on which we have advised, [click here].

  • Tax indemnities and tax warranties - mergers and acquistioins.
  • Civil/commercial litigation – contract and tort, including undue influence and personal injury.
  • Contracts – drafting and negotiation.

  • Disciplinary and regulatory proceedings – mainly lawyers and doctors.

  • Divorce and Matrimonial – particularly complex financial issues and children cases.

  • Judicial review.

  • Mediation.
  • Professional negligence.

  • Solicitors' costs.

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