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Zafar Rezvi is the principal solicitor of Cornelian.

He is an experienced litigator and commercial lawyer.

Zafar has appeared as advocate in tax and other cases at various levels up to and including the Court of Appeal. [Click on Testimonials]

He is an accredited mediator.

Zafar has had articles published in leading journals and chaired a Butterworths' conference on tax and human rights.

Zafar Rezvi Principal Solicitor

It should be apparent from the practice areas dealt with by Cornelian [click on Services] that Zafar’s experience goes well beyond tax investigations, tax enquiries and tax appeals, eg, even when a tax lawyer with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), Zafar was responsible for defending professional negligence claims and judicial review applications.


Trained with a litigation practice and admitted as a solicitor.


Senior tax lawyer with HMRC.

Tax investigations, tax enquiries and tax appeals. Professional negligence and judicial review.


Head of tax with one of the largest firms in the West End of London.

Tax investigations, tax enquiries and tax appeals.

Included non contentious corporate tax, eg, mergers and acquisitions, clearance applications and approved share schemes.



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